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  • Security
    Through ADHA membership, you will help secure a future for dental hygiene. ADHA is working to protect the value of your educational credentials and to preserve the integrity of your license. Only by uniting in one voice can ADHA continue to represent dental hygienists successfully.
  • Legislative Updates
    ADHA monitors all states and federal legislative and regulatory trends as they relate to dental hygiene; and maintains state files on dental hygiene practice acts as well as rules and regulations from the state boards.
  • Access to Information
    Members receive the most up-to-date information relative to the profession in the Journal of Dental Hygiene, ADHA’s official on-line, peer-reviewed scientific journal publication that contains information on clinical practice, research, education and public health. In addition, members receive ADHA’s magazine,Access, and MDHA’s quarterly newsletter, The Bulletin.
  • Professional Contacts
    As part of your ADHA dues, you automatically become a member of your state constituent and local component organization. These groups sponsor meetings and activities for your personal and professional benefit. By attending local, state and national membership functions you have the opportunity to form new friendships and develop professional contacts.
  • Leadership Opportunities
    Becoming an active ADHA member gives you the opportunity to acquire and develop new skills and interests, and assist in moving the profession of dental hygiene through the 21st century.
  • Recognition
    Contributing to your community’s oral health standards with the backing of this professional association builds an identity for you as a professioinal and offers you resources such as collaborating organizations, evidence-based science and legislative support.
  • What does ADHA do for me?
    In addition to all the benefits listed above, ADHA works to expand the dental hygiene scope of practice, and increase the number of dental hygiene career options in addition to working in a private dental office. For example:

    • In 46 states, dental hygienists may provide services under general supervision in some settings.
    • In 14 states, dental hygienists may provide services in certain settings under various forms of unsupervised practice and less restrictive supervision.
    • In 31 states, dental hygienists can administer local anesthesia.


To become a member you may complete the membership application online. The cost to become a member is $258.00. Payment must include the membership application.