2024 Award Nominations – Nominate a great MDHA member today!

Do you know an MDHA Member that goes above and beyond in public health, research, clinical, education, community service, advocacy, or as a SADHA advisor? If this is you or someone you know, nominate yourself or that person for the 2024 MDHA Awards.

Please have nominations submitted by July 14, 2024. Fill out the form below and include why you are nominating this person in less than 500 words. Please include how the nominee meets the criteria for the category listed below.

Winners will be awarded September 7, 2024 during the MDHA General Assembly.

Public Health – Goes to a member who goes above and beyond for the patients they serve in a public health setting. Recipient must:

  • Be an MDHA Member
  • Be permitted as a PHDH in Massachusetts
  • Currently practice as a PHDH

Research – An RDH who has used research in efforts to impact dental hygiene practice or
patient care advancements and demonstrates impeccable adherence to meticulous research
standards, such as quality data design, data collection, analysis, and results. Recipient must:

  • Be an MDHA Member
  • Have had a dental hygiene publication

Clinical – An RDH who is currently practicing clinically and meet the following criteria:

  • Be an MDHA Member
  • Must work a minimum of 2 days in a DSO, private practice or specialty setting in Massachusetts
  • Integration of current evidence-based and best practices into clinical decision-making processes
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with other dental team members
  • Adept at communicating clearly with patients regarding their oral health needs and treatment options
  • Follows standard of care, i.e. consistently takes blood pressure, thorough medical history
  • Evidence of positive patient outcomes, such as improved oral health status, patient satisfaction, and adherence to treatment plans

Education – A full time or adjunct faculty member in a Massachusetts dental hygiene program
who shows mentorship to others and adheres to ethical principles and professional standards in
teaching, research, and interactions with students and colleagues. Recipient must:

  • Be an MDHA Member
  • Include a letter of recommendation, testimonials from students, colleagues, administrators, or educational stakeholders highlighting the nominee’s exceptional contributions to education

Community Service – An RDH who exhibits oral health advocacy aimed at raising oral health
awareness and increasing access to dental care services. Recipient must:

  • Be an MDHA Member
  • Provide care to underserved populations such as Medicaid, older adults, children, and individuals with disabilities
  • Demonstrate involvement in organizing and implementing community outreach programs

Advocacy – An RDH who has promoted legislative changes, policy reforms, increased funding or
awareness for oral health initiatives, or better access to dental care among marginalized groups.
Recipient must:

  • Be an MDHA Member
  • Demonstrate involvement in legislative advocacy, moving the MDHA initiatives forward
  • Support the dental hygiene profession advancement
  • Promote access to oral health care for underserved populations

SADHA Advisor – An RDH whose role as a SADHA advisor for one of the 8 dental hygiene
programs in Massachusetts. Recipient must:

  • Be an MDHA Member
  • Be involved with fundraising
  • Thoroughly communicate between MDHA and dental hygiene students
  • Attend MDHA events with other students such as lobby day and Student Summit
  • Encourage students to apply for awards and scholarships

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