Mentor Liaisons

The state mentor liaison team is a new group that has been formed at the state level to assist the Dental Hygiene College’s SADHA advisors with their efforts of connecting the students with the Massachusetts Dental Hygienists’ Association. 

Each school has been assigned at least 1 liaison but may have as many as 3 liaisons per school. 

Our goal is to help open up the lines of communications and establish a future link between the students and the Massachusetts Dental Hygienists’ Association.

 The liaison team would like to reserve meeting time with all students three times throughout the year, October, December, and May.  They will provide lunch on the first visit and a quick presentation on topics such as The Conference, scholarships offered, Annual Session, legislative efforts, and how to convert your membership after graduation.

Not only do we feel that it is important to educate the students about their professional association and what the MDHA does to benefit the dental hygiene profession, but we also want to offer an opportunity to get involved and explore future leadership roles as new dental hygiene professionals after graduation.

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