What is a PAC?

PAC or political action committee is an organization that enables people to participate in the political process at the local, state and federal levels by supporting issues and candidates for public office and by lobbying elected officials. Political action committees were first formed in the 1940's. In Massachusetts there are about 200 registered PACs. In our state there is a $500 annual limit on an organization or individual's campaign contribution. PAC membership allows supporters and advocates of a particular organization or association and its cause, through relatively small contributions and organized election activities, to have a powerful voice in the political process.

PACs make campaign contributions and promote candidates, thus making candidates accountable to supporters and assuring that their full-fledged allegiance to the organization or association is on the record.

Most importantly, PACs endorse candidates based on the candidate's commitment to an issue in order to build power. They help give the candidate political will to take a public position and initiate a discussion on important issues. Once the candidates recognize the power of the PAC, they often become spokespeople and champions for the organization or association and its cause.

Massachusetts Dental Hygienists' PAC (MDH-PAC)

Massachusetts Dental Hygienists' PAC (MDH-PAC) is the political action committee representing Massachusetts dental hygienists. The MDH-PAC endorses Massachusetts state candidates who support the profession of dental hygiene and the mission and goals of our constituent association. Once candidates are endorsed, MDH-PAC may make financial contributions to the political campaigns. MDH-PAC plays an important role in educating candidates about the profession of dental hygiene and MDHA concerns. All dental hygienists are welcome and encouraged to support the profession through MDH-PAC.

To show your support you may:

  • Become a Legislative Liaison
  • Work on political campaigns
  • Simply make a financial contribution to MDH-PAC by downloading the DONATION APPLICATION above

For more information or to make a financial contribution contact Katherine Pelullo at [email protected] (978-874-2776) or Carolyn Wehler at [email protected] (978-562-2205).

MDH-PACs Mission is to:

  1. Ensure the public's direct access to a dental hygienist
  2. Achieve autonomy of dental hygiene education, licensure and practice
  3. Serve as the recognized authority for the profession of dental hygiene

What's a Legislative Liaison?

One way to support dental hygiene and the MDH-PAC is to become a Legislative Liaison. Legislative Liaisons advocate for the profession of dental hygiene and their colleagues by lending a face to our PAC on Beacon Hill. In order to become influential at the State House, dental hygienists need to become actively involved in the decision making process of the legislators. You can become a Legislative Liaison easily and quickly by contact Katherine Pelullo, MDH-PAC President, at [email protected] or 978-874-2776.

What do Legislative Liaisons do?

  • They contact their legislator when a bill or issue of importance arises.
  • They occasionally come to the State House or visit with their legislator in their district at his/her district office.
  • They get updates from the MDH-PAC about additional actions they can take to advocate for dental hygiene.

Being a Liaison is a fun and very helpful way to get more involved in moving your profession forward!