Lobby Day 2019

The Massachusetts Dental Hygienists’ Association had a very successful Lobby Day held on Tuesday, February 26 at The State House in Boston.

There were 246 people registered, including representation from all eight Dental Hygiene Schools in the Commonwealth. There was an exciting panel of speakers and of course opportunities to speak with state senators and state representatives leaving them with information about our Legislative Priorities. Our voices were definitely heard!

Four bills were filed on behalf of MDHA.  They are as follows: 

“An Act To Improve Oral Health For All Massachusetts Residents” (Dental Therapy);

“An Act Relative to Dental Hygienists” (Nitrous Oxide);

“An Act Relative to the Collaborative Agreement of a Public Health Dental Hygienist” (Dental Malpractice Insurance Prohibition); and

“An Act Relative to the Sustainability of Public Health Dental Hygienists Through Adequate Reimbursements” (Third Party Insurance)

Please feel free to contact Katherine Pelullo, RDH, MEd, CRP Chair, for clarification/questions/comments.  Her email address is [email protected]

Featured Picture Bristol Community College Students & Faculty with MDHA President Kate Soal