MDHA’s News “Bites”

October was Dental Hygiene Month – Hu-Friedy celebrated the fifth anniversary of “SHOW US YOUR PURPLE” encouraging hygienists to post pictures of themselves dressed in purple on their website. “… the official color of dental hygiene is purple – a color said to represent compassion, purpose, and inspiration. Historically, purple has always been associated with pride and positions of power – making it an ideal color for the hygienist, who is at once empowered by their education and passion to improve the lives of patients while also proud of their career. The purple scrubs, surgical glasses, and headbands that are so popular with hygienists are not simply fun; their color represents the pride of a dedicated, connected group of allied health professionals.” (Hu-Friedy Blog)

MDHA celebrated Dental Hygiene month with a visit to The Cape Ann Museum, many thanks to Mary Kellerman and Janet Lamkin for arranging a fun filled day at the Museum and lunch at Passports in Gloucester. It was a beautiful fall day and a wonderful time to catch up with old friends and make some new ones. As the year continues please keep the words from Hu-Friedy close and continually be empowered by your education and passion to improve the lives of your patients – stay connected.